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Eyelash Extension

In our eyelash extension course we train professionals in theory and practice to improve the length, curvature, quantity and thickness of natural eyelashes hair by hair. Taking into account the procedures, care, tips and everything necessary for the beautifying of the eyes.

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Train, train and certify students in the lengthening of eyelashes with innovative techniques, which allow them to exercise their knowledge and practices in a professional way in the world of beauty.

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  • Typical cases of application of the eyelash extension technique.

  • Security measures.

Theoretical Description

Practical Description

  • Practical exercises on the application of eyelash lengthening.

  • Questions and discussion on the topic (Extend the eyelashes).

Professional Profile

After completing the eyelash extension course and completing the final practice, our students will receive a certificate that will accredit them as a professional eyelash extension technician, which will demonstrate their extensive knowledge both in theory and in practice.

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