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A course instructed by professionals for students who want to know how to perform this process in a professional way, which allows the implantation of pigments through a manual inductor with a small blade that contains microneedles arranged in a row, thus allowing the eyebrow to look natural, blending with the  eyebrows to make them look natural.

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To offer all the conditions for the development of professionals prepared to act in a complete and innovative way in the field of Microblading.

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  • Fundamentals of the origin of the micro blades.

  •  anatomy and physiology.

  • Visagism.

  • Differences between micropigmentation and microblading.

  • Types of pigment.

  • Eyebrow preparation and modeling method.

Theoretical Description

Practical Description

  • Eyebrow design.

  • Practical work on a model.

Professional Profile

Expert in tattooing eyebrows hair by hair so that the filling looks abundant and with volume, with an emphasis on innovation and a professional certificate in the treatment of skin and beauty in Microblading.

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