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What is Microneedling?

is a minimally invasive treatment whose objective is to improve and tone the skin, stimulate collagen production and allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply.


In our course you will learn how to perform this treatment effectively to minimize expression lines, fine wrinkles, scars, spots and pore size, in addition to improving skin turgor.

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We develop competent professionals to act efficiently and innovatively in the world of esthetics. Teaching and maximizing learning in small groups with beauty professionals.

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  • Define the benefits of Microneedling.

  • Microneedling basics.

  • Non-invasive technique that promotes the formation of collagen.

  • Identify the necessary products.

  • Health and safety at work.

  • Professional ethics.

Theoretical Description

Practical Description

  • Teaching of the technique.

  • Correct use on the face (facial, sagging skin and wrinkles).

  • Correct use on the body (treatment of sagging skin, stretch marks, keloids, androgenetic alopecia).

  • Indications and side effects.

  • Use of technology in accordance with hygiene and safety standards.

  • Equipment handling.

  • Perform a procedure correctly.

Professional Profile

Our training program is aimed at people who are passionate and interested in developing in the area of beauty as professionals in Microneedling and for those who wish to enter the world of beauty with recognition and extensive knowledge.

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